Picture of hc inside facing altar

What to Expect

We call it a worship “service” because we believe that Christ comes to serve us with His Word and Sacraments giving us the forgiveness of sins He earned on the cross and sealed with His resurrection.

Therefore, the worship services are focused on Christ and His gifts and we respond with thanks and praise.

Because of what Jesus has done for us, when we gather together as His body, the Church, we believe that the holy and loving presence of Our Triune God is also there with us (Matthew 18:20).

The worship services at Holy Trinity seek to proclaim these glorious truths by having services that are both reverent and joyful (Hebrews 12:28).

The worship services are from the historical liturgy out of the Lutheran Service Book hymnal.  The liturgy is how Christians have been worshipping throughout the centuries.

The liturgy is designed not to entertain or give you an emotional high but to focus you on God's Word and on Christ and His forgiveness which He gives us through His Word and Sacraments.  The liturgy is meant to foster the deeper emotions of joy and peace in Christ which surpasses all human understanding.

As one participates in the liturgy it begins to become more familiar with it.  It helps foster reverence and appreciation for the great depth and beauty of God's grace in Scripture.